Wood Laminate

Wood Laminate

Wood Laminate Flooring Sales and Installations

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Wood laminate flooring is a unique flooring choice because it offers both affordability and style. These versatile flooring materials can take on the look of authentic hardwood, but few people will notice the difference! This flooring comes in many different colors, tones, and shades. You can match your new wood laminate flooring to any aesthetic with our help.

This style of waterproof flooring is fairly easy to install, so you won’t have to wait days or even weeks to start enjoying your new surfaces. With many stunning styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble picking the right wood laminate floor for your specific space. Contact our flooring contractors today to learn more about our selection of commercial and residential flooring or visit our store in Raleigh, NC to browse our wood laminate flooring options!

How to Care for Modern Laminate Flooring

Although laminate flooring is cost effective, you still want to try to get the biggest bang for your buck. This can be achieved by caring for your brand new laminate flooring in order to extend its lifespan, much like you would for traditional hardwood flooring. Laminate is typically easy to clean with a simple vacuum cleaner, broom or a slightly damp mop. It’s best to only slightly dampen the mop in order to avoid excess water seeping in between the seams of the flooring. There’s even laminate flooring cleaner that you can use to avoid this issue altogether.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

• Durability • Stain & Moisture Resistant • Easy to Clean & Maintain • Variety of Styles

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