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Though hardwood floors and other types of flooring look great in kitchens, hallways, and other rooms in your home, there is nothing quite like the cozy feel of carpeting beneath your feet in your bedroom or game room. Floor Zone, LLC offers an endless variety of carpet colors, textures, and styles. Choose from different designs to make a statement in your room or opt for neutral colors to complement your décor.

Carpet flooring is a great choice for living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. Carpet is a family-friendly option for homes. It can help increase safety, by softening falls and other accidents, while being easy on the feet! This comfortable material will work wonders to warm up your home during chilly evenings. Plus, we have a highly-trained staff that will install your beautiful new carpets quickly!

Explore the Benefits of Modern Carpet Flooring

  • Carpet flooring is a family-friendly option for many rooms in your home and is a great choice for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • The soft and resilient fibers of a carpet provide a cushion-like effect, exhibiting excellent orthopedic properties. This is great for infants and the elderly, in particular, as it offers both a soft feel and non-slip surface that lowers the risk of injury.
  • Carpet flooring offers sound insulation properties, too! A soft carpet eliminates the impact of noise through sound absorption, which can reduce noise throughout your home.
  • Because carpet is able to retain the warmth of a room, it offers energy saving benefits! Carpet flooring is a natural thermal insulator, creating a heat barrier in your space.

Commercial Carpet Flooring

Most think that tile or hardwood floors are the best choices for commercial flooring, but there are many benefits to choosing carpet for your space! If you own a business where a lot of employees are on the phone every day, carpeting will help to reduce the noise that travels. If someone accidentally spills or drops something, carpet can eliminate the fall hazard since it would likely absorb much of the spill. Carpet flooring can also create a more comfortable atmosphere, which could play a part in boosting employee morale!

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No matter what your goals are, carpet floors are a great choice for so many commercial and residential flooring projects! Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your carpet flooring choice, installation, and the entire project go smoothly. To browse our extensive carpet flooring options, please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom in Raleigh, NC today!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help choose and install comfortable and stylish carpeting in your residential or commercial property today. Our flooring sales and installation services extend to clients throughout Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas.



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